Empowering youth, families and communities with gender affirming services, training and research.


Gender Conference NYC (GC*NYC)


Gender Conference NYC (GC*NYC) is a partnership of The Ackerman Institute for the Family's Gender & Family Project and PFLAG NYC.

Gender Conference NYC provides a supportive space for transgender and gender creative youth, their families, allies and the professionals in their lives. The two-day conference consists of the Professional Symposium and Family Day, which bring together connection, education and empowerment for community members of all ages.

GC*NYC’s Professional Symposium is designed to be an efficient capacity building event of professionals intersecting with transgender youth, their caregivers and families. Grounded in community needs and best practices, it provides opportunity for networking, liaising and training a large cross-section of prevention, intervention, management and strategy specialists.

Acknowledging the impact of Family Acceptance, GC*NYC’s Family Day was built to continue the conversation around gender diversity and inclusion as it impacts youth. GCNYC’s Family Day offers the chance for families and young people to connect on a personal level and share experiences and resources that are useful to them.

For more info, visit www.genderconference.nyc.