Empowering youth, families and communities with gender affirming services, training and research.

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Family Therapy

GFP supports the entire family through gender exploration and, if appropriate, transition. Our family therapists can help strengthen family relationships while exploring gender-related or any other relevant challenges for the entire family. Our approach to family therapy and parental coaching is steeped in a deep understanding of research on gender development, as well as a belief in family resilience and connection as core factors for health and well-being. It is based on the Multidimensional Family Approach, nationally recognized as one of the only models to support families through gender exploration (MDFA, Malpas 2011).

For more information about scheduling an intake appointment, please contact:

Sanniel Sanabia, Program Coordinator

ssanabia@ackerman. org

(212) 879-4900, ext. 150